Wednesday, 24 April 2013

fabrics, steam trains and secrets

At choir rehearsal last week, one of the ladies asked me if I'd be interested in some fabric she'd found when she'd been tidying out a cupboard. Naturally, I said "Yes!" and she gave it to me last night. There's a piece of turquoise silk (or, if it's not silk, it's mighty like it!), a piece of white cotton with a multicolour pattern on it, a piece of dusky pink furnishing fabric and...

... a fat quarter bundle.

Fabulous stuff! Free fabric - what's not to love? Oh and she told me she had some grey flannel too and would I like that as well? Can you guess what my answer was? :oD

We have the main east coast railway line running at the back our garden. This morning a steam train went by and I managed to get a fairly decent photo of it!

These next two photos are some secret sewing that I'm doing. I can't show the whole thing as it's for someone who reads my blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise. I'm having fun sewing it and I'm sure the person will love it when it's delivered.


  1. You are a lucky girl! Free fabric, hmm.
    My younger brother who is mildly intellectually disabled is a real steam train buff and would think one past his backyard was great.
    Wonder what that last one is? You'll have us all wondering now.

  2. That secret project looks like fun, I can't guess what it is though. How lovely to have steam train passing your garden. I always wanted to live by a railway after seeing The Railway Children as a child.

  3. How great to have the steam train at the bottom of the garden! Was there a man at the back waving? Chel x

  4. That ws such a nice gift from your friedn. My husband loves steam trains. he would think that was your lucky day seeing that train. :) I am sure your friend will love whatever you are creating in that last photo. Your fabric choices are really cute. :)

  5. Great free stuff!

    When I was a little girl from my grandmother's home you could only hear a train passing in the distance, it use to honk it's horn at the crossings..... anyhoo I don't think they run that anymore. Not sure I would want one running so close to my home. How often does it go past?

  6. Free fabrics... awesome, can't beat that!!! I am envious you have time to create, time is at a premium these days, but I'm itching to get some sewing in! Cheers~

  7. Wonderful fabric, it would be rude to refuse :) The photo of the train is amazing. It reminded me of my Dad who was mad on steam trains. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x

  8. What a great picture of the steam train -- it's beautiful! And Happy Happy Yay for free fabric!!!


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