Friday, 22 March 2013

placemats and musicals

I've managed to get all six placemat tops sewn together over the last couple of days. This is a bit cut off at the sides but hopefully you can get the general idea of them.

I dug out a fleece from my (ever decreasing) pile which I've often passed over as the back of a quilt because it's cream. Perfect as backing for placemats, I think. So I managed to get them all pinned on to their fleece backs and now they're waiting for me to quilt them.

But that won't be happening tomorrow as Joanna and I are heading out for the day to go to a Broadway Musicals Come and Sing day. We'll spend all day learning the songs and then we put on a concert in the evening. It's being run by the local opera company so there will be tons of very competent singers there. We did it last year and had a great time so I'm sure it'll be just as good tomorrow. Can't wait! :o)


  1. The Broadway Musicals sing/concert sounds like great fun! I was asked to play in the orchestra for a similar show locally, but had to decline due to a prior commitment. Would have been fun though!

  2. Loving the placemats and lusting after a singalong day. Pictures to follow?

  3. The placemats are lovely, they're so cute like little minature quilts. Eleanor would absolutely love to take part in a Broadway Musicals Come and Sing Day. It sounds lots of fun.

  4. Oh those mats are so bright and cheery. I love them! I hope you and your daughter are having great fun together singing your day away. Enjoy your weekend!!

  5. Love those colours, looking forward to seeing them finished :) xx


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