Sunday, 10 February 2013

new pinnies and bags

I decided to make myself a couple of new pinnies (aprons) the other day and I wanted them to be just plain ones - no flirty frilly pinnies this time. I dug through my fabrics and found one which I thought would be ideal. I then dug out some pinny straps which I had removed (years ago) from some old pinnies and attached them. As the pinnies are for me, it makes no difference that the straps are bright green!! :oD

Next I got on with my prototype shopping bag and this is how the first one ended up.

I've used it a few times on my shopping runs and it holds a lot of stuff.

I then made one for Debbie to take to her friend, Laura. Laura's baby, Anna May, was the recipient of this baby quilt I made way back in September last year. Anna was born in November so I was well ahead of the deadline with that quilt. Here's the bag I made for Laura. Debbie took it to her on Friday and she loved it!

After making those two bags, I decided to use up the rest of the fabric I'd used for the pinnies to make some bags for the tartan bee. The linings are also from my piles of fabric so that's another tick for my "use what I have" thing I'm trying to do this year. (The bag on the left is lined with a dark red - not orange as it's showing up in the photo!)

I've only made 2 so far but there is another one cut out and ready for sewing. I hope to get them loaded into the shop very soon.


  1. I think the green straps look great on the pinny. I love the bright colours you've used for Laura's bag.

  2. I agree the bright straps go nicely with that fabric. I love that fabric! I may check out that store for those bags...

  3. Very nice - might have to buy one of those bags!

  4. Lovely! My pinny is so old and falling apart, I need to make one for me too... but it seems, "me" always comes last, LOL! Cheers~

  5. The pinny looks great with the contrasting green straps. The bags are lovely. I really like the purple and green fabric. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  6. Oh I was happy to see those bags up in your shop! I snapped the pink one up as soon as I saw it. I can't wait to get it in the mail.:)

  7. I love the bags ..... I think I will make a bag with the lovely birdie linen fabric that I got at Anne's last week.

  8. Well, I think I missed this blog! I love the pinny with the green straps but didn't see it in your shop.

    Love the bags too!

  9. Loved the green bag too but didn't see it either in the shop.

    I think a person has to be fast in this town!

  10. It is very difficult to find pinnies these days and even more difficult to find patterns for pinnies, so thankyou very much for yours. I have shared this blog on my granny-squares group.

    I got quite a lot of chintz curtaining off-cuts and want to make beautiful pinnies.


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