Tuesday, 5 February 2013

marmalade, the quilt top and a bag-to-be

Yesterday morning I set to and dealt with the marmalade oranges I'd bought the other day. I just prepared them all by cutting them into ¼" slices and bagging them into 8oz bags which is what I need for one making of marmalade. In each bag, I included a wee bag of pips as needed in my Granny's recipe.

Now, when I get time to make the marmalade, I can just go to the freezer, dig out one of the bags and get on with it. I just need to put the bits of orange into the food processor and whizz them until they're small and that's actually easier if they've been frozen so I've just made my marmalade making life a good bit easier by doing this. Yay!

Today I got my act together and used my new Twister tool to cut out the new squares for the Christmas quilt. I then joined them into rows.

The next step is to sew those rows together. Then I'll see how big it is before I decide if I want to add borders to it.

After doing the quilt, I messed about with my prototype bag pattern which I talked about here. I've now got my sizes worked out and these are the fabrics I'm going to use.

I've had that lime green cotton for years and always look at it wondering when I was going to find a use for it. It's the perfect match for the green in the circles fabric so it'll be ideal for the inside of this bag. If it all works out well, I hope to get some into the tartan bee shopsoon. Watch this space! :o)


  1. I love marmalade... my Mum used to make it but I've never done it myself! You little quilt is so lovely and perfectly Christmassy! Cheers~

  2. I've never made marmalade and now I'm wondering if I can find Seville oranges around here... hmmmm...

    Love your Christmas Twister quilt top to be... and that lime fabric is perfect for that bag!!!

  3. I don't like marmalade - it's homemade jam for me! I love the lime green fabric, and your Christmas quilt is looking good.

  4. The quilt is going to look fab. I love the lime green fabric, very cheerful! xx


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