Friday, 22 February 2013

Great Granny Square quilt - all finished!

I got the Great Granny square quilt finished today. Yay!

I took some photos of it on our bed but then realised that the light would be better over the chair in the window. The colour of the fuchsia pink fleece I used on the back shows up much better over here.

As does the matching pink polka dot binding.

And the meandering lines I used for quilting.

I'd never attempted quilting like this before - I've always been a straight line kind of quilter - but I wanted to try this meandering line thing after seeing it on Freda's blog here. (I just noticed that that post was dated last July. Well, it took me long enough to get around to trying it, didn't it?)

I have to say that I had more fun quilting it than I thought I would. To be honest, I'd usually much rather do the patchwork bit of a quilt than the quilting bit but I did have fun trying this and I'll definitely do it again.

Joanna is away home with the quilt and is very pleased with it. I don't blame her! I kind of like it myself.

Quilt info:
Block is the Great Granny Square as tutorialised by Lori at the Bee in my Bonnet blog here. (Tutorialised isn't a word? Well, it should be!! :oD)
Size: 149cm/58½" square.
Backed with polar fleece (from my stash) in a fab fuchsia pink colour.


  1. Another great finish! Congrats....Cheers~

  2. Love it. I think the dotty binding is really effective.

  3. It's lovely, well done! And you're right, that blue sashing just lifts it beautifully. Great make!

  4. It's really lovely, it's come together so well.

  5. Hi Anne, I found your blog via your Liebster nomination over at Gilly's blog. I love this quilt! The fuchsia fleece is lovely, it makes the quilt look so warm and snuggly :)Have a great weekend, Elisabeth x

  6. I love the meandering quilting lines, especially the way you did them down the blue sashing strips. They contrast very nicely with the orderliness of the quilt blocks themselves. Great job, as always. (My secret wish is to be able to quilt like Anne when I grow up ;-)

  7. Hi Anne - guess what? I've just nominated you for the Liebster Award as well! Hope that's okay with you x Jane

  8. That looks great! Yes, the fuschia backing is perfect but it really ties in well with the polk a dot binding. Another beautiful item. I am sure she will use it proudly. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. I've just popped over from Plain Jane's blog. Glad I did, fantastic quilts and wonderful blog. From your newest follower. Chel


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