Monday, 18 February 2013

52 weeks of happy - week 7

Here are my happy photos this week. I don't know if I should be worried that 3 out of the 4 show food!!

1. We went out for snack on Saturday and this is Jo's granary scone and cup of tea. In the background you can see Debbie's krispie cake and hot chocolate. Douglas and I had fruit scones with coffee and tea respectively. Yummmm.

2. This was the apple pie I made for last night's pudding.

The pastry was Douglas's mum's recipe and it was the first time in over 33 years of marriage that I had used one of his mum's recipes. It didn't turn out quite the same as hers but it was very tasty nonetheless.

3. Debbie made some doughnuts today which were delicious. We have tons left but it won't be a problem to eat them up!!

4. Our new bath taps.

This might seem a bit of a strange thing to be happy about but, after nearly 11 years in this house using a pretty useless electric shower, Douglas fitted in these temperature controlled taps which run off the hot water supplied instantly by the boiler. Oh. My. Goodness. The difference in the power of the water is amazing. So this set of bath taps makes me very, very happy. :o)


  1. Oh a proper shower is a real plus! We have a good shower and we always miss it when we go away to somewhere with a bad one!
    And the food looks yum! Your brownie recipe, by the way, is made once a week by the daughter and she made a special batch for her birthday tomorrow!

  2. All that food, wow.

    So I'm baffled, was the old electric shower meaning a "box" type thing that heated water for the shower as you used it? I've seen something like that.

    Trying to understand why if you had a boiler why'd you needed the electric shower thingy all those years. I know that many European homes don't have hot water 24/7 like American homes, that you need a heater like that little electric thingy for hot water on demand.

    Just the other week me and dh were debating if our new dishwasher used the hot water in the home or had it's own heater. I know our prior dishwasher heated it's own water because one home we lived in years ago didn't have hot water on demand. So we needed the dishwasher to make it's own hot water.

    I mean these are things I never had to think of in the U.S.

  3. Oh food gorgeous food. The scones, pie and doughnuts all look too good to resist. Your taps made me smile. I want our kitchen taps replaced and my hubby is very slow with the DIY. So if they are replaced they will be on my 52 weeks. Nothing better than a lovely powerful and warm shower. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  4. Ah, scones, doughnuts & apple pie - they would all be a great source of happiness to me too!
    Have a great week,

  5. Those doughnuts look absolutely scrummy, that's something I've never attempted to make. I did make a batch of brownies last night. I saw your comment on Angel Jem's blog and made them from the recipe you suggested. It's Daniel's 18th birthday today, so as they're his favourites, I made them especially for him. They're absolutely delicious, a recipe I'll be using frequently from now on.

  6. We had a 'proper' shower fitted last year and I love it. How the small things make us happy :) xx

  7. Oh my that all looks so good! I do not think it is at all weird that 3 of your photos are food items. Good food makes me happy too. Especially when it is shared with people we care about as yours all was. A hot shower is a glorious thing and I am happy for you that you are able to enjoy a better one now.


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