Monday, 11 February 2013

52 weeks of happy - week 6

Here are my happy photos for this week -

1. My first daffies of the year bought for all of 95p!!

2. A new salt & pepper set.

Joanna spotted them online and asked me if I wanted them. Of course I said yes! Aren't they adorable?

3. My new pinnies.

I know I showed this exact photo last week but I love my new pinnies and they make me happy so ...

4. Now this made me REALLY happy. I read Karen's "Sew Many Ways" blog faithfully and love everything she posts. Last week she did a post about how to make your blog show up as the web version on an iPad or similar device. (If you read my very first 52 weeks of happy post, you'll know that having to read the mobile version of blogs was driving me potty so I solved it by getting the Atomic browser.)

Anyway, in the comments section of Karen's aforementioned post, someone asked how to unfollow a blog so I replied to her comment telling her how to do it. Karen then e-mailed me asking me if she could use my comment and make a tutorial out of it. I, of course, said "go for it" - or words to that effect. She told me she'd link to my blog and give me credit for the advice. How exciting!!

So, today, my name is in Karen's blog post and I am sooooooo happy about that! This is just a reduced screenshot of the post - doesn't she say some lovely things about me? I hope you'll click on that link in read and go and read the whole post. I'm famous! :oD

If you've come over here from Karen's blog, welcome! I am so happy to see you! :o)


  1. It's always a blast to see your name on another blog. And I didn't know how to unfollow so I'm chuffed to learn. Thank you!

  2. I started following you after I read that post! I also did my first 52 Weeks of happiness post because of you and linked back to you! Just thought you would want to know haha.

  3. Pretty daffies, and that is a great apron - def worth seeing again :-)
    It's always fun to get a mention elsewhere isn't it, and thanks for the info. Have a happy day, xx

  4. Ooooo.... you're FAMOUS now, Ms Anne! *smiling*

    Daffodils always make me smile and they certainly brighten up one's home too!

  5. I haven't bought myself any daffodils yet this year, something to look forward to. I like your new salt and pepper pots, but I love the doggy ones next to them, you know what I'm like with dogs. Congratulations on the mention. It's always nice when someone appreciates what you write in the comments.

  6. Your daffies are lovely, I love daffies too but they don't last very long! Lovely seeing what makes you happy! Cheers~

  7. I love your "happiness' post! I might have to borrow it. :-D Karen used one of my ideas for her Tool Time Tuesday once. I thought I was walking on air! Had a HUGE grin on my face all day. My family thought I was up to something! HA!

  8. It's how i found your blog (via sew many ways)....and i'm so glad i did....


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