Monday, 4 February 2013

52 weeks of happy - week 5

Here are my happy photos for this week.

1. I've loved this text fabric for a long time and, when I discovered it was on sale last week, I decided to get some. I got it at - ordered it one day and it arrived the next day and the postage was a fair price so I was very happy about that too!

2. We went out for snack on Saturday morning and this is what I had. Cherry scone with cream and jam. Yummmmm!!

3. I couldn't decide which of these photos was the better of the two so I just decided to show both. Aren't these doggies cheeky??

4. This is my latest time-waster on my iPad. It's a free game - my favourite kind - and, like I said, a time-waster. But fun, for all that.


  1. Oy Missus! Aren't you supposed to be using what you have. I do like that text fabric though too, so I'll let you off. Gorgeous doggy pics, just look at those pleading eyes.

  2. Those dogs are adorable. Love that fabric too. I have not seen that pattern before.

  3. And what are you planning to do with the fabric... do tell! Love the doggies, but then, I just may be a little biased where animals are concerned :) Cheers~

  4. Good to see someone else posting a scone photo - now I don't feel so greedy!!

  5. Just look at those sweet pup faces - who could possibly resist? And there's nothing like a scone with jam & cream to up the level of happiness :-)
    Have a great week,

  6. I'm glad you liked your fabric and they arrived so quickly! :)
    Jessie, xo


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