Tuesday, 29 January 2013

52 weeks of happy - week 4

Here are my happy photos for this week.

1. One of the 6 pinnies I'm trying to finish off so that I can photograph them and upload them into my tartan bee shop. I love this tea cup and saucer print.

2. This is the box I keep my tartan bee labels in. Why does this make me happy? Well, as you can see, the box used to hold Bold washing blobs and every time I open the box, the smell of the Bold wafts out. I *love* the smell of these blobs!

3. Even more stock being readied to be uploaded. This lot came back from Canada so it all needed re-labelling with tartan bee labels.

4. I decided to make a start to the Christmas twister quilt so this is it all laid out on our bed. Debbie helped with the layout and we tried it in several (hundred) combinations before we both agreed just to leave it like this.


  1. That's one nice quilt already! :)

  2. You use some really lovely fabric. I like the tea cup and saucer one too.

  3. Another lovely collectiion of happiness! I like your pinnie, and the quilt is looking good - sometimes, the more you rearrange blocks, the worse it gets!!


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