Monday, 14 January 2013

52 weeks of happy - week 2

Here are my 4 photos for this week.

1. Rosie. I suspect that she will pop up quite a few times in my 52 weeks of happy posts. :o)

Here she's obviously ready to go to bed - see the time on the clock behind her - but she didn't want to go up the stairs alone. Or, it could be that she's a bit worried because the light at the top of the stairs isn't on and, although she's not seeing so well these days, she'd rather the light was on than not!

2. Some of my salt and pepper sets.

On Saturday I moved them on to a couple of the bookshelves in my cookery book bookcase. No doubt the other shelf will make an appearance soon. Actually, this is a bit like a double-happy photo as cookery books make me happy too!

3. My scarf.

I blogged about this just the other day saying how I thought I'd left it at Singers. Well, when I pulled the scrunchie out of the bag to add more fabric in, there was my scarf. This made me very, very happy! :o)

4. A container has arrived.

Why does this make me happy? Because Debbie and Jason and Molly (the dog) are coming to live here in Scotland. Their stuff was brought all the way from Nova Scotia in this container. It arrived last week and it's now mostly in my mum's garage. Debbie and Molly arrive tomorrow. Jason is waiting for his visa to come through so fingers crossed that that comes through really quickly so they can all start the next part of their lives over here. It makes me very happy that my baby is coming home. :o)

Just as a matter of interest (to myself mainly) I went back to my post from the 20th of October 2008 when I wrote about her leaving. Think that's sad? How about the post Joanna wrote. :o(

Yep, we're very happy that Debbie's coming home and bringing Jason and Molly with her too! :o)


  1. I'm glad you found your scarf! Rosie looks so cute!

  2. Such lovely happy moments in your week! Rosie is so sweet, so glad you found your lovely scarf and YAY for your returning loved ones :-)

  3. So glad to hear your baby is coming home... definitely a happy moment!

  4. What a happy bonus to find the scarf you thought you lost.

    I didn't know your daughter was coming back from Canada. Is there a reason they decided to make the big move, besides coming back to be with you? : )

  5. How exciting to have your daughter coming home :) I love a good collection of cook books. xx


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