Thursday, 31 January 2013

3 things - January's results.

At the beginning of the year, I challenged myself to do 3 things this year. How did I get on in January? Let's see.

Thing 1 - do not buy magazines.
I haven't bought a single magazine this month. I feel very proud of myself for managing to resist because those sneaky magazine marketing people always make magazines looks so interesting. For the first couple of shopping trips I confess I did look at some of the mags in the magazine aisle but I didn't buy any of them. Now I just walk right past the aisle - I don't even allow myself to look!
January Result: Thing 1 done.

Thing 2 - use what I have.
I have been really good at this one. I've made several pinnies, a shopping bag and a cover for a dog cushion all out of "stock". (I know there are several other things but I can't think of them right now.) The only fabric I bought was the owl fabric which I have made into pinnies for the tartan bee shops - links are in the right column.
January Result: Thing 2 done.

Thing 3 - I'm going to do the "52 weeks of happy" thing.
I have been doing this too. You can catch up on all my "52 weeks of happy" posts so far here . I try to do the posts on a Monday but life does tend to get in the way some days so I'm just doing them as close as I can to a Monday and being happy about it.
January Result: Thing 3 done.

And because it doesn't feel right to not show a photo, let me show you the hat I was working on. Do you think I kept it or did I rip it down? Mmmmm. I wonder?? :oD


  1. Hum, I'm going to guess you ripped it back down. Are there prizes being handed out here???? : )

  2. Well down sticking to your thingies, I have such a weakness for magazines :) What's happening with the hat, turn back the brim maybe? xx

  3. SO glad I found your blog. Saturday mornings I treat myself to 'Rabbitting' across the internet (blog hopping!) and today has produced some very happy results. It's Ground Hog Day here in the States - suppose to be an early Spring 8-) Stay warm and cozy and don't unravel the cap, it's precious! -- Jan

  4. I did really well last year and hardly bought any magazines. I've falled down already this year, but I don't feel quite so bad about it because I've got some good offers. I've subscribed to two different magazines at £5 for the first three copies, not bad considering each magazine usually costs £4.99. I'll cancel my subscriptions after the first three though.


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