Monday, 17 December 2012

not much to show

I've been quite busy here but can't show much of what I've been up to because that would give the game away!

I can show the jam that I made after tea today.

I'm not sure it's going to set properly so it might need a re-boil tomorrow but I'll decide about that tomorrow morning when I see if the jam stays on the toast or slides right off again!

I can also show what we had for snack on Saturday when we went out to the RSPB bird reserve at Vane Farm on Loch Leven.

Millionaire's shortbread and tea for me -

Douglas had pecan slice and a cappuccino -

Joanna had millionaire's shortbread and a cappuccino.

All very delicious!

We also had a look through some very powerful telescopes to see some birds - or at least that was the intention. I could only see tree branches, Joanna couldn't see anything and Douglas saw right up the nose of a Highland cow. Nice! :oD

I just want to say that I've had to disallow anonymous comments again. I just don't get why people spam blogs. I mean, do they *really* think I'm going to click through to see their websites? Nutters!


  1. Were you getting spammed? That must mean you're famous! Woo hoo!
    Secret things - how exciting! Looking forward to Chrimbo!
    I need to send you the pics of the sweets we made yesterday as you can show them! Yum!

  2. All I can say is "yum" to everything... including the jam! As for the spammers, I think it is common right now... I changed to disallow the anonymous ones too, but they are still coming through my regular mail but it has petered off as I have been blocking as many as I can through google. Cheers!

  3. I've not long had breakfast, but now I am craving a piece of millionaire's shortbread!! Never mind the annoying spam. I recently had two comments from a website in America saying they had used two of my patterns from way back when I posted a weekely tutorial, and were selling the stuff on their website ..... and yes, it was genuine, I looked at the site!! I know that if you post patterns, there will always be someone who misuses them - but they don't need to tell you that they have done it!
    Hope the jam turned out ok!

  4. Ooh, your jam looks sooo delicious! I always end up having to re-boil mine, but we've learned to like it runny too :-)
    I've blocked anonymous comments too, I think if one is commenting, it's just good manners to identify oneself!
    I also found it was one particular post that was targeted so now I have deleted just that one. Hopefully that helps for now.

  5. All that food looks so yummy. BTW, your tiny print at the end had me stop for a moment. I almost didn't see it. Good thing I signed up so I could leave comments then.


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