Monday, 31 December 2012

sunrise ~ sunset 31 December

Today's figures are:

dawn to dusk = 8 hours and 37 minutes (5 minutes more than last week)

sunrise to sunset = 7 hours and 3 minutes (7 minutes more than last week)

So that's it done for a whole year. I'm going to post all the figures in one post but not now. I'll leave that for another day/year. Normal postings will resume soon. In the meantime, let me wish you all a very happy new year when it gets to you. :o)

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve, 2012

I don't know how much blogging I'll be doing over the next few days so I thought I'd just leave you with the card I made for my mum this year.

I used a tree-shaped cutter on paint samples and then cut them into a sort of tree shape. I have to say, I *love* it. :o)

Merry Christmas to everyone who reads my blog. I hope Santa treats you well. We're following him on the NORAD site and he's already taken off. How exciting!

See you soon. :o)

sunrise ~ sunset 24 December

We're on the way back up again! Yay!! :oD

Today's figures are:

dawn to dusk = 8 hours and 32 minutes (1 minutes more than last week)

sunrise to sunset = 6 hours and 56 minutes (1 minutes more than last week)

Friday, 21 December 2012

sewing on the shortest day

Well, it's the shortest day today and I would like to let out a huge cheer for the fact that the days will now start getting longer again. I do miss the long, long hours of daylight that we get in the summertime. Here's the graphic for today:

And the figures for the shortest day:

dawn to dusk = 8 hours and 31 minutes (no change since Monday)

sunrise to sunset = 6 hours and 57 minutes (5 minutes less than Monday)

And here's what the sunlit earth widget looks like on the winter solstice.

As for the sewing that I did today. Well, I was meant to be making those 3 pairs of double oven gloves which, theoretically should have been finished this morning. But they weren't. Why? Because I decided that, rather than doing them the easy/fast way, I'd make my own bias binding ... (this is really a Christmas red colour)

... and do them the long way using that bias binding. So, instead of 3 pairs of oven gloves, I only got one pair made.

I might just get the other 2 pairs made over the weekend but it really doesn't matter as they're all for me. Yep, nobody but me! Yay!! :o)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

the silliness of me!

I did have to re-boil the jam I made on Monday as it was most definitely not set - by any stretch of the imagination. It was so runny it was almost comical. So, after a re-boil, this is how it looks now ...

Now that's definitely NOT runny! It does spread nicely though and tastes delicious so it's all good!

I spent yesterday making a pattern for a black skirt for my mum's Christmas. She'd given me one of her favourite skirts to copy so I used that as the basis of the pattern.

I'm really happy with the way it's turned out so I hope it fits her and that she likes it! We'll find out soon enough, I suppose!

Now to the silliness of me. I decided that, since I'd finished all the sewing for presents that I was going to do, that I'd make myself a pair of Christmassy oven gloves. I went through my pile of fabrics and cut out one that I liked.

Did I stop there? Of course not! Before I knew what had happened, I'd cut out 3 pairs of double gloves AND 3 round gloves! Honestly! What am I like? LOL

Anyway, I set to sewing the round ones together and, not content with just having them plain, I decided to quilt them first. Like I said already - what am I like?? *eyeroll*

I made good use of stuff I already had in my drawer - I couldn't begin to guess how long I've had that bias binding. I'm absolutely certain I flitted it down here from Inverness in 2000 - and it wouldn't have been new then!!

The Merry Christmas ribbon -

- was on an early present we got from one of our neighbours yesterday. She'd made us some sweeties (candies) and had told us to open them right away and eat them. She's going to Tenerife tomorrow for Christmas so she had to make her gifts early. I'm glad she did as it meant I got to use her ribbon on my new oven gloves. There's still enough left for the 3 double gloves that I'll hopefully make tomorrow. I wonder if that's all I'll make or if I decide I need more? :oD

Monday, 17 December 2012

not much to show

I've been quite busy here but can't show much of what I've been up to because that would give the game away!

I can show the jam that I made after tea today.

I'm not sure it's going to set properly so it might need a re-boil tomorrow but I'll decide about that tomorrow morning when I see if the jam stays on the toast or slides right off again!

I can also show what we had for snack on Saturday when we went out to the RSPB bird reserve at Vane Farm on Loch Leven.

Millionaire's shortbread and tea for me -

Douglas had pecan slice and a cappuccino -

Joanna had millionaire's shortbread and a cappuccino.

All very delicious!

We also had a look through some very powerful telescopes to see some birds - or at least that was the intention. I could only see tree branches, Joanna couldn't see anything and Douglas saw right up the nose of a Highland cow. Nice! :oD

I just want to say that I've had to disallow anonymous comments again. I just don't get why people spam blogs. I mean, do they *really* think I'm going to click through to see their websites? Nutters!

sunrise ~ sunset 17 December

The timings are definitely slowing down on the way to the shortest day. Only 4 days to go and then we'll be on the up again. Hurray!! :oD

Today's figures are:

dawn to dusk = 8 hours and 31 minutes (6 minutes less than last week)

sunrise to sunset = 6 hours and 57 minutes (7 minutes less than last week)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Let's see if I can think of 12 things to tell you about myself today. They're not in any particular order. :o)

1. I love to read Nora Roberts' books. I've just started reading "Born in Shame" - again. I've re-read all of the Nora books I have on my bookshelves *loads* of times and will continue to do this until they fall apart ... and then I'll just buy new copies so I can start all over again!

2. I love to sew. I've been sewing for a really, really long time. I got my Toymaker badge at Brownies (nearly 50 years ago) and I made a teddy bear. I've still got him! Here he is on the right of this photo.

3. I love to crochet.

4. I love sweet peas. The smell is glorious.

5. I love to bake.

6. I (sort of) collect salt and pepper sets. I don't go out of my way to buy them but, if I see a set I like I might buy them - as long as they don't cost very much!

7. I love Rosie - our dog ...

and Molly - Debbie and Jason's dog.

8. I have an irreverent sense of humour. On a trip to Paris in 2008, I laughed out loud at these statues. It looked to me like they were inspecting their - em - wares and weren't too impressed. I called the photo "size matters". tee hee

9. I used to make signatures on an online forum but, after making for nearly 7 years, I decided to stop. I do still like to mess about in Photoshop now and again just to keep my hand in.

10. I love to buy fabric. And put it into piles. And look at it. And touch it. And, sometimes, I might even sew with it! :oD

11. I should exercise more but I worry that this might happen to me. I reckon it's better to be safe than sorry! :oD

12. I love Michael Bublé and Joanna recently showed me this video. If you haven't heard this before, you need to watch it. A-MA-ZING!

Okay, that's my 12 for 12.12.12. I hope you found it a wee bit interesting! :o)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

what was I up to?

So, what was I so busy with yesterday? These!

Let me start my story at the beginning. Every month I have to get my bloods checked and yesterday was my day to go. I was supposed to go last Monday but we went to Ikea etc instead so I postponed my appointment until yesterday.

I was telling L, the phlebotomist, that we'd been at Ikea last week and we were laughing at how you can never get out of Ikea without buying something that you think "what did I buy that for?" when you get home. I was boasting that I had only bought fabric and she asked me what I was going to do with it. I told her I'd probably be making pinnies or oven gloves with it for my Etsy shop and she was fascinated. I gave her my tartan bee business card and told her that she could look it up on her computer. I meant at home after work but she dialed it up there and then!

She got excited when she saw my stuff and asked me if I could make a cover for her daughter's Kindle. I assured her I could and asked what kind of Kindle she had. It turned out that she had the same one I have which I had made a cover for earlier this year.

She paid me for the cover and I came home laughing at the daftness of going to get your bloods done and coming home with an order for a Kindle cover!

Well, Douglas had an appointment with L today so I decided that I was going to get the cover made so that he could take it with him. The only specification that L gave me was that it was to be "girly" so I first of all made the scrappy one and then decided it might be a wee bit too girly (if that's possible) so I made a denim one with a pink polka dot flower with a wee mirror in the centre and the same pink spot as a lining and binding. When Douglas showed her the covers this morning, she was delighted with both - she chose the denim one.

Here are the backs of the covers.

Monday, 10 December 2012

it's beginning to look ....

It's a terrible photo but you can't take a photo of a Christmas tree in the daylight! It just wouldn't be right! :oD

I've had a *very* busy afternoon and evening sewing but I'll tell you about that tomorrow when I can hopefully get decent photos (in the daylight) of what I've been making. :o)

sunrise ~ sunset 10 December

Today's figures are:

dawn to dusk = 8 hours and 37 minutes (11 minutes less than last week)

sunrise to sunset = 7 hours and 4 minutes (12 minutes less than last week)

Friday, 7 December 2012

a successful selling spree!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon making the 4 pairs of oven gloves which I had cut out on Wednesday. I was really happy with them all.

Last night I went to our last Singers' rehearsal before our Christmas break and I took along the 4 stockings I had made for our musical director which I showed in Wednesday's post here. She was - and I quote - "absolutely delighted with them - they couldn't be more perfect". Wonderful!

I had also taken along the crateful of the stuff I had in my tartan bee Etsy shop. One of the other ladies in the choir - P - had suggested that I should take the stuff to the rehearsal to let people see it as she thought they might be more inclined to buy it if they could see it and touch it.

I didn't want to appear pushy so I had left it all in the crate but P took it out of the crate and laid it all out on 2 tables along with the price list. She then announced to the choir whilst we were having our end-of-term social part of the evening that the craft table was set up and ready for viewing. She told them that I had made everything and that they should all take a look and see what they thought.

I confess that I was a wee bit embarrassed at all the praise I was given but I was DELIGHTED - yes, in capital letters - to sell 2 full length pinnies (aprons), 2 pairs of double oven gloves (both of which I had just sewn in the afternoon!), 2 diary covers with diaries and 1 patchworked zipped pouch.

At the end of the evening, I thanked P profusely for persuading me to bring the stuff along. It was a wonderful feeling to have sold so much stuff! What a great selling spree! :o)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas stockings - finished

I finished the 4 Christmas stockings this morning. I am soooooo pleased with them.

Two of them face one way ...

... and the other two face the other way.

They all have this sparkly music fabric on the back. Very appropriate for our musical director's grandchildren!

In the afternoon, I wanted to get on with some oven gloves but I knew I didn't have any tartan bee labels left so I made those first. (Eeek, I really need to recover my ironing board! *blush*)

And then I got down to cutting out some oven gloves.

I hope to get at least some of them made tomorrow ready to take to choir tomorrow evening.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

the next step of the stockings

I realise I'm a bit late with this photo but I seem to have had no time on the computer over the last few days. What with shopping trips, visits to see Joanna's Christmas decor, choir concerts, trips to Ikea, Costco and Hobbycraft and so on and so on I haven't seemed to have much "spare time" at all!

Anyway, I finally managed to get some sewing time today so I got on with the 4 Christmas stockings I need to finish for Thursday. I finished off the patchwork fronts of stockings 3 and 4.

Then I sewed and overlocked the fronts to the backs.

Tomorrow I'll get the linings sewn and added in. Hopefully that won't take me too long so I can get some more things sewn for the tartan bee.

One of the choir members asked me to take my tartan bee stuff with me to our choir rehearsal on Thursday as she'd like to see them in real life. She might not buy anything but some of the others might. But, if not, that's absolutely fine. I'll just add anything new I get made into the Etsy shop!

Monday, 3 December 2012

sunrise ~ sunset 3 December

Today's figures are:

dawn to dusk = 8 hours and 48 minutes (17 minutes less than last week)

sunrise to sunset = 7 hours and 16 minutes (19 minutes less than last week)