Tuesday, 13 November 2012

some sewing and some Christmas jewels

Today I did a little sewing in the form of adding some ribbons for straps to a strapless dress of Joanna's.

Then I made a start to sewing a skirt for my mum's Christmas. This is the material I chose.

It's a knitted fabric so I was kind of dreading sewing it but, so far it's working out really well. Let's hope it continues that way when I make the lining which is also out of a knitted fabric. Eeek!

And here are the Christmas jewels I spoke of - the dried fruit soaking in some brandy overnight to be made into a Christmas cake tomorrow.

I'm not fond of Christmas cake myself but I love the way this fruit looks in the bowl. Very jewel-like!


  1. I'm not a fan of Christmas cake either but the jewels do look delicious.

    And thanks for my dress - I love it!

    1. You're welcome. The 4 skirts and 1 pair of trousers I still have to sort might take a wee while longer! :oP

  2. I love my Christmas cake, but I don't like bought ones. I never get round to making mine until December! I don't like marzipan, so I just ice it, then put marzipan fruits, which one of my friends makes, on the top, so that Malcolm gets a fruit with each slice!


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