Wednesday, 7 November 2012

a good day's sewing

I had a good morning of machine sewing today and then a good afternoon of hand-sewing. I got a lot of things finished off and a few other things started. Here are the things I've finished off:

A couple more diary covers for the tartan bee shop:

Two potholders like this:

And one like this:

I haven't taken photos yet of the 3 pinnies (aprons) I started this morning. I'll show those when they're finished.

And here's a funny photo. Well, it made me laugh when I saw it. I asked Douglas to take photos of me "using" the potholders. I just used the pot that had been sitting out on the cooker waiting to be put away. But it didn't work well. You can't just see me in the reflection but you can see Douglas's hands holding the camera too! How silly does that look? :oD

We'll try again tomorrow ... with a different pot! :oD

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  1. I love your unintentional appearance in the last photo! It can be quite hard to take photos of reflective things - you can end up almost standing on your head, so that you don't apear!!


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