Friday, 16 November 2012

a few things I made this week

Here are a few things that I made this week. First of the cake variety - our Christmas cake.

The recipe said it would take 4½ to 4¾ hours but it actually took 6½ hours before I was happy that it was cooked. It's a good thing I started it before lunchtime! I've made a note on the recipe to maybe turn the oven up a wee bit - or at least be aware that it took that long! Douglas was quite disappointed that he'd have to wait until Christmas day to eat it!

My next finish was the skirt for part of my mum's Christmas.

As expected, the sewing of the jersey fabric was not the most fun I've ever had with a sewing machine & overlocker so I decided not to add the stretchy lining to the skirt. My mum always wears an underskirt so I don't think it'll matter too much.

I didn't waste the 15cm/6" strip of fabric that was left over. I made it into a wee scarf to go with her skirt. Two presents for the price of one! Not too shabby!

My next finishes are two more skirts that I took in for Joanna. One was easy enough as the zip was at the back.

But this one had a side zip so that had to come out and get replaced.

My fingers are tightly crossed that they fit her now!

Finally, here's something that made me smile this week. So far, I haven't received any underwear from Santa. Says it all really! :oD


  1. Haven't tried the skirts on yet but thank you for fixing them for me! Everything else looks fab, too.

  2. That's a big difference in cooking time, wow! Good for you for getting a Christmas finish done! Cheers.

  3. Anne, I plan to be back to my blog around the first of December!


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