Monday, 1 October 2012

wee owls

On Saturday I made this wee owl.

Isn't it just adorable? The pattern is from here.

Yesterday my niece had a wee baby girl so it just seemed obvious to me that I had to make another wee owl in pink. It looks a bit lopsided but that's because the side is pinned waiting to be sewn up.

There are another 2 wee owls waiting to be finished.

I can see myself making tons of these owls. Before I know where I am, I'll have a parliament of owls. (Yes, the collective noun for a lot of owls is a parliament. Hoooo knows why?? :oD)


  1. Oh those are cute! I might need one. For my dd, I mean. LOL ;-)

  2. Ack! These wee owls are way to cute. I really need to make these for my boy and friends' kids!

  3. I love them. Can I have a parliament, please?


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