Wednesday, 17 October 2012

the continuing saga of the music sorting

I decided I really needed to get the Singers' music sorted and put away upstairs. The fact that it was sitting in the dining room which was getting messier by the minute because of my moment of madness on Monday, helped push me on.

So I started listing it all on a spreadsheet on the computer yesterday. Here's the pile of Cs with the 2 crates sitting on the floor on the left waiting to be tackled. *gulp*

It's a slow, time-consuming job but I'm getting there. I was on the Ls at lunchtime today.

Down to only one crate to go.

And here's the stuff that's already in order and spreadsheeted. (I'm pretty sure that's not a word ... but it should be!)

As of this minute, I've done up to the end of the Rs so not too many to do now. Hopefully I'll get them all finished tomorrow and then I can get into my sewing room and do some sewing. I need to sew something. I don't know what I'll sew but I need to sew!!


  1. Uck! Awful job... better you than me, tee hee! Hugs.

  2. What a wonderful thing you're doing! I'm sure you'll finish tomorrow the way you're going!


  3. Make many backup of your job. Make sure to send it to yourself as email, put it on google docs, save it on cd, dvd....

  4. Like Freda said are doing great !
    That is one big job......

  5. What an underatking - and as Texmex said, backup, backup, backup!!

  6. Can I come sing in your choir? Chilcott...Lawson...ahhhhhhhh.

  7. See, now my problem with sorting music would be that I'd have to open the interesting-looking music and look it over and sing it in my head (or out loud). It would take me forever to sort it all because I'd be so distracted ;-)


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