Wednesday, 3 October 2012

musical sortings

I sing in a choir and, over the summer holidays, our musical director moved from quite a big house to a much smaller flat. She told me she just didn't have the room to store the music for the choir any more so I (foolishly??) offered to take it.

I didn't realise when I offered that the music was loose and not in any semblance of order. Naturally I just had to do something about that. I decided it all had to go into polypockets and then had to be filed alphabetically.

Yesterday I got it all into the polypockets. (This isn't it all. Soooo much music!)

And today I decided to put it all into ABC piles. So I cleared all the cushions off the couches and put wee bits of paper around the room.

In case you're worried that I missed out J to Q, they're on the chair, pouffée and couch on the other side of the room.

All was going well until Rosie decided she *had* to be allowed to sit on her part of the couch. No amount of telling her she couldn't get up there until I'd finished worked so I had to move piles A and B so she could take her rightful place!

It took me just short of 2 hours to get the piles all done. I didn't go through each letter's pile to properly alphabetise them. The computer will do that for me when I put them on a spreadsheet. In the meantime, there are 3 crates of semi-sorted music waiting for the next stage in the procedure.


  1. Heavens! What a job! You are a saint and I'm sure your work will be much appreciated...

  2. That was a labour of love!! I love the owls in the previous post - you know we love owls in this house!

  3. Just think how much easier it'll be to find a particular piece...and all the copies of said piece...when the director needs it for the group again! Great job. And sorry...but Rosie is just too cute. Even when she's interfering with A & B.


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