Thursday, 11 October 2012

4 Christmas stockings

I finished off the 2 new, unpadded Christmas stockings today alongside the 2 new ones which I made from prototype 1. Confused? Okay, let me explain. I unpicked the prototype 1 stocking which I made earlier this week as it was too fat and basically not nice. I then used the 2 patched sides along with 2 backs and made another 2 stockings. Does that make any more sense? I'm not so sure it does!

Why don't I just show the photo of the four stockings and have done with it?

It's just as well nobody saw me taking this photo as I was underneath the dining room table to get all 4 stockings in the photo. What I have to do for my art! :oD


  1. Su blog es muy cretivo me encánta el patchwork pero no sé hacerlo, me gustan sus recetas.Muchos saludos desde España.

  2. Wow! they are so cheerful and festive. Well done! xx

  3. Just stumbled across your blog [via The Quince Tree] and LOVE it - have spent ages reading back through past posts. Now a signed up follower!

  4. Just catching up - I don't know where the time went over the last week - I have hardly read any of my favourite blogs! Love the stockings - could be yet another thing for the to-do list! I also noticed the handles on the drawers - they look similar to the handles on some of our Indonesian furniture!


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