Wednesday, 12 September 2012

starting another baby quilt

I did manage to get the buttonholes and buttons done on the 2 blouses today. I haven't taken photos of them as they'd be just the same as yesterday's photos with the addition of 4 white and 4 blue buttons! :oD

I then planned and started cutting fabrics for my next baby quilt. It's going to be another 9 x 9 of 4" squares like the one I made back in March.

So I had 81 4½" squares to cut out on my Go! cutter. Here are some of the fabrics ready for pressing and then cutting.

Here are all 81 in a nice tidy pile.

And here's the alphabet and numbers that I'm going to use. I still need to cut these out but I need to do it by hand (rather than use the Go!) and then I need to sew them on to self-coloured squares to make them 4½" squares too.

I'm hoping this will go together quite quickly as I've already got plans for what I want to make next!

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