Monday, 3 September 2012

Christmas trees wallhanging take 2 - finished

I managed to get the second Christmas trees wallhanging finished over the weekend. Here's the front:

And the back - do I need to say that I *love* the back? Probably not! :oD

I then decided to make another Great Granny square but this is as far as I got with it:

I think it'll look great once I get it done. :o)


  1. Congratulations on another fantastic finish! Love your Christmas trees... and the back is as nice age the front!

  2. Hello, Anne, I just popped across from Karen's blog at Did You Make That? to check out your apron tutorial(s) - extremely useful and well put together, thank you; and then in another of the posts I saw that you'd once been a maths teacher which rather helped to explain the good instructions! - and of course I've been popping about all over your blog. I had to stop and say how wonderful this Christmas wall hanging is!

    1. Hi Felicity! How lovely to meet you. :o)

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for taking the time to comment - and with such a lovely comment too. It's really made my day!


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