Tuesday, 25 September 2012

cheesecake recipe

As I haven't done any sewing other than sewing a few buttons on this week, I thought I'd post my mum's cheesecake recipe which we had for pudding on Sunday.

This is the recipe copied from my own recipe book. It has all sorts of notes and comments written on it which I've just typed out here as well.


6 oz dig biscs - crushed (use the food processor!)
3 oz butter or marg

1 small philly cheese (or half a big tub. I don’t think you can get the small size any more.)
2 oz marg
1 small condensed milk = 218g if wee tin not available (I use half of a big tin which is 397g so not quite the 218g but it tastes just fine - and it means you have enough left to make another cheesecake! :oD)
1 large or 2 small lemons, juice only

Melt butter/marg and add to the crushed dig biscs. Mix well. Press into a flan dish (or whatever you have) and put into the fridge until the filling is ready.

Beat the marg with the cheese and then add the condensed milk and mix together well. Add the lemon juice and mix until smooth. Pour over the biscuit base. Put in fridge to set.

Decorate with whatever takes your fancy! :o)

I *adore* this cheesecake and could probably eat the whole thing myself. It's just as well that Douglas lives here and likes it too and that Joanna was here on Sunday for her tea so I had to share it with both of them! :oD


  1. Sounds delish... and definitely something to make when lots of folk are around to help eat it!


  2. I am an ardent fan of cheesecake..and this looks lovely.
    First time on your blog..please do visit my sapce if time permits.


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