Thursday, 6 September 2012

baby quilt and carpets

This has been a busy week - and not much of that busy-ness has been sewing related. Having said that, I did get a baby quilt made.

I love the pictures of the animals especially the piggy in the green wellies -

... and the cow -

The funniest thing about this quilt is I wanted to make the binding for the edge on the bias because I thought the stripes would look cool at an angle. Could I remember how to make bias binding? No I couldn't! What to do? Well, I know someone (that would be me!) had put a tutorial on how to make bias binding so I headed downstairs to the computer to print it out. When I got there I realised I didn't need to print it out - I could take the iPad up to the sewing room and could follow the tute from there. Brilliant!

Here's how the binding looks.

Now all it needs is a wash and then hung on the line to dry so I'll need to wait for a dry day to do that!

Here's the main reason for the busyness this week. Joanna's house went from floors like this:

To floors like this:

And of course, when Rosie sat there looking so cute, I had to take a photo of her on the new carpet! :oD

Last 3 photos are from my phone so they're not very good. But you get the idea, I'm sure.

We spent a l-o-t of time emptying bookshelves and wardrobes and cupboards and moving furniture so the carpet fitters could do their magic. Now it all has to be done in reverse! Joanna has decided that if she ever moves into a house with yucky carpets/bare floors again, she's going to get the carpets fitted *before* she moves in. I second that idea!!


  1. Cool pics.

    Definitely going to get carpets *before* next time. The whole process has been like micro-moving - moving house but you've only got 3 hours to get everything out!

  2. LOL! Too funny about the binding, gotta love 'puters thought, take em anywhere, used mine the other day for my jam, VBG! Cute quilt and sweet pooch! Hugs.

  3. What a gorgeous quilt, and I love the piggy too. I agree about the binding, though I don't know anything about quilts, it does finish it off perfectly. Has Rosie had a haircut? She looks so cute.


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