Friday, 28 September 2012

a wee bit sewing

I *finally* managed to get some sewing done today. Not a lot but even a wee bit sewing is better than none to an addict like myself! I swear I've been having withdrawal symptoms! :oD

This is a cosmetics bag/make-up bag/pouch or whatever you like to call it. Well, it will be ... when it's finished. I haven't managed to get very far - see later for the excuse/reason for that!

Anyway, here it is with the lines drawn on ready for quilting:

Sewn on to the denim and with one half of the zip sewn in.

Look out, here comes the excuse! *eyeroll*

I should have been able to get more than that done but, when I was trying to find a zip of the correct size, I realised my way of storing zips left a lot to be desired so, naturally, I had to re-do that. All that means is that instead of having the zips in 4 bags - 4"-6", 7", 8" and anything over 9" - they are now all sorted into individual bags for all the sizes. So, when I now go searching for a 12" zip, I only need to look in the 12" bag. So much easier than digging through the 9", 10", 12", 14", 16", 20" and 22" which were all in the same bag before today.

End of excuse! :oP

If I get any sewing time over the weekend, I hope to get this bag/pouch finished and then we'll see if I like it enough to make more.


  1. *lol*

    No, I've never ever ever gotten sidetracked.. never ever!


    That's going to be a mighty fine and handy bag when you get done!


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