Friday, 31 August 2012

the next Christmas make

First of all, here's a less fuzzy photo of the Christmas twister table topper I finished on Wednesday.

Next I dug out the rest of the isosceles triangles which I had cut when I made the tree wallhanging. I had originally planned on making that one 8 rows high but, when I started laying it out on the table I decided 4 rows high was plenty. So, of course, I had all those triangles left so decided to put them together in another wallhanging but, this time, with a different background fabric.

Here are all the triangles laid out ready to sew.

And here it is with each row sewn and two of those rows pinned ready for the next stage.

That was when my back started twingeing so it was time to stop for today. Hopefully I'll get back to it tomorrow and maybe, if the back holds up, get it finished. Fingers crossed!


  1. Love those Christmas tree triangles... very cool!

    Hope your back is better tomorrow, Anne!


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