Wednesday, 15 August 2012

the first 'phant - finished

I finished my first 'phant yesterday and, although it was a bit fiddly in places, I do see myself making a good few more of these in the future. The pattern is from the Heather Bailey online store.

Here it is outside sitting on Douglas's knee:

And then on the kitchen counter with my fingers to try and show how small he/she is.

You might be wondering why I call it a " 'phant"? If you're a Nora Roberts reader and have read the Chesapeake Bay quartet, in the book about Ethan and Grace, Grace's wee girl, Abby, is colouring in an elephant in purple crayon when Anna comes home early from work. Abby couldn't say "elephant" so she called it a " 'phant". That's the day that Grace is worried Anna is going to sack her from her job cleaning the Quinn house and Anna is worried Grace is going to leave said job. If you're not a Nora Roberts reader then that explanation will mean absolutely nothing so feel free to ignore it! :oD


  1. Oh, I love your 'phant! Too cute.. but I think he's lonely with a herd to keep him company...


    I've not read the Chesapeake Bay quartet... will have to look for it. I just finished the first two books of the Inn BooneBoro series...

  2. Oooh, just the sweetest... I'm not sure, I know I've got the turtle pattern, not sure about this one, I'll have to check, but I think I might... seeing it made up makes me want to make one! Hugs.

  3. Love your little elephant.....
    I have the turtle as well ( it's half made )
    And I think I have read every one of Nora's books and have read the first 5 J.D Robb ones too.

  4. That is an insanely cute 'phant!


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