Monday, 6 August 2012

more hanging stuff and the rain

I got more of the Christmas hanging done today - after having to unpick all the seams I'd sewn on Friday. Don't ask! Let's just say that human stupidity came into it and leave it at that!

Anyway, here are the bits before I sewed them together (properly) today.

After sewing them in twos:

And with the rows all sewn.

Now I need to sew the rows together and hope that the tops of the "trees" don't get cut off. Time will tell.

Now you might be wondering why those photos look like I had the lights on in my sewing room in the middle of the day. That's because I *did* have those lights on because this was what was happening outside. This is out the front of the house.

And this was the swimming pool which formed at our back door.

Thankfully the rain stopped after about half an hour but it was as heavy as that for all that time. It was, as we call it in Scotland, stotting off the road - and the pavement and the cars, and the puddles and the garage roof!

Explanation: Stot is a common Scots verb meaning "bounce" or "walk with a bounce." Uses in this case include stotting a ball off a wall or rain stotting off a pavement.


  1. It was fun seeing where you live and hearing that lovely rain. Wish we'd get some of that here in hot, dry Texas! I was hoping to hear a bit of your Scottish accent, but you are shy, I guess. :)

  2. I think we've all had our fair share of rain this year, let's hope we've seen an end to it for a while, though I somehow don't think we have.

  3. Rain yesterday - sun today. Gotta love the Scottish weather!

    Loving the fact it's nearly Christmas, too!


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