Thursday, 23 August 2012

dressmaking, lil twister patchwork and flowers

I've not been doing much sewing this week as I've been having trouble with my back and neck. Not a lot of trouble but I can't do as much sewing or cutting out as I'd like to. I'm not worried by this - I just have to be careful and not overdo. I think that's the hardest part because I have all these plans in my head of things I'd like to get on with but I just have to be patient. I will get them done just not this week!
Anyway I have made a blouse this week. Just the button threads to tie and finish off and the buttonholes to cut then it's done.

The fabric is a very narrow lilac and white stripe. The buttons came from my own stash - more stuff used up!

My next project is a Christmas one. I'm excited to see how it turns out! Watch this space!

We've had a lot of *really* heavy rain here this week and it's battered our gladioli so hard that they were beginning to give up the will to stand up straight. So I went out and cut the ones that were keeling over and brought them inside. Aren't they just gorgeous? I think so!


  1. Sorry to hear your back and neck are giving you fits and hope that you're back into fighting/sewing trim quickly!

    Lovely blouse and gorgeous glads! Haven't tried a twister quilt/runner... yet! Looking forward to watching your progress...


  2. Hope your back and neck get better soon - it is very wearing to have a sore back! Love the gladioli, and I'm very taken with the runner!

  3. Your glads are oh so gorgeous! :) I love the Lil Twister quilts that I see---I may have to purchase that little ruler.

  4. Very gorgeous !!
    And I like that runner too....

  5. Your twister quilt is beautiful! Love the glads too, can't grow them in my yard, too much shade.


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