Friday, 10 August 2012

Christmas wallhanging - finished!

I finished the Christmas tree wallhanging. Yay!

I think I've decided not to bother putting the stars on the tops of all the trees because this is what the wonkiest of the tree tops looks like after I quilted it with gold thread.

I don't think it looks too bad. And anyway, it's a wallhanging. It's not being entered into a competition or anything like that so I'm thinking it'll do fine the way it is. If I decide at Christmastime that I just have to hide the tree tops I can sew the stars on then.

Here's the back:

I love the tracks of the quilting but, OMG, that gold thread is a pain the bum to sew with. This is what parts of the back look like.

It's a good thing that back will be against the wall! Anyway, it's done and it'll now get laid away until December.

In other exciting news, I sent for this pattern a few weeks ago and, after a slight mix up, it came yesterday. I love these 'phants! Can't wait to have a go at making them.

What was the mix up? Well, I was sent this pattern instead of the 'phants.

I e-mailed to ask them what we could do about this and Isaac e-mailed me back telling me to keep the turtle pattern as it was his mistake and he would send me the 'phants right away. How's that for customer service? So hats off to Isaac at the Heather Bailey Online Store. What a man! :o)


  1. Congratulations on a great finish!

    Love those ellyfants... but the turtle is cute too...

  2. Oh, I love the turtle pattern! He's so dang cute! Your Christmas hanging turned out great. You are getting ready early!

  3. Good for you for getting a Christmas project finished! I had to laugh, the pic with the fabric of the little robins is one of the fabrics I had in my shoppe, never sold it till it went on sale! As for the patterns, I have the turtle, again from the shoppe, Heather Bailey has some lovely little patterns!... I'll be digging some stuff out come Autumn and hope to have some giveaways.... Hugs.

  4. Love the wallhanging! I would sew some buttons/beads/sequins on the treetops. What good customer service - it makes a change these days, when we just expect bad service!!
    Thank you for your kind words about my photos - now all I have to do is hope that they sell!!

  5. Oh, that turtle is just darling. So glad they sent you the wrong thing :D

  6. Love the wallhanging. It will look really good at Christmas.

  7. Lovely wallhanging. I can see turtles in your

  8. So pretty! I love that we're doing Christmas in July! Yay!

  9. August! It's August! Oh goodness - we missed Christmas in July! Bwa ha ha! :)


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