Monday, 27 August 2012

Christmas twister - the full sized version

I picked out some fabrics and got started putting my full sized version of the Christmas twister table topper together. (Try saying that with a mouth full of caramels! :oD)

First of all the four 5" squares sewn together with a 3" border sewn around them:

Then them all cut into squares using the lil twister ruler.

Next they're sewn into rows:

And joined into their new look squares:

Then I sewed those squares together in a row. I deliberately moved them around so they weren't all sitting the same way.

And finally (for today), pinned and ready for quilting.

I decided not to put a border around the squares like on the original because it's big enough as it is. Any bigger and I'd be struggling to find a table to top it with at Christmas!

Let the quilting begin ... hopefully tomorrow! :o)


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