Friday, 24 August 2012

Christmas twister - finished

I managed to get the Christmas twister made today with no back or neck problems stopping me before I got it done. Yay!

Here are the squares joined up with the border sewn on.

When I cut the squares out using the lil twister ruler I stupidly just threw them all on to a pile.

This meant that my first attempt at putting them together went a wee bit wrong!

But I got it right eventually!

This is the front of the quilted and bound mini quilt. It's really fuzzy but you can, hopefully, get the idea of how it looks.

As usual, I love the back. The quilting shows up really well.

I love it. This has helped me decide that I'm definitely going to make the runner (that I showed yesterday) in Christmas fabrics. I think it'll look stunning!


  1. I like the fabric with music notes and it works well for a holiday project

  2. This thing is cool, although I'm not sure that I know what it is. Is it just a decoration? Anyway, your stitches on the back are beautiful. You do great quilting. You are as crazy about quilting as I am about crochet, aren't you? I'm not calling you "crazy," but you know what I mean! I'm glad you're doing the tablerunner. I love those.

  3. Oh, how nice... I love it... esp the dark red background... very well done! Onward with the table runner!!!

  4. Great job, love your quilting... I have to say though, I have no desire to sew something together only to cut it up then sew it back together again, LOL! The girls in my town made some big quilts with both the Lil' Twister and the larger one, lovely pastel colours... still didn't make me want to do it though, LOL! Hugs.

  5. Love your little block.....
    Looks great on both sides.

  6. It looks really good - you will definitely have to do the runner now!! Glad the neck and back are better.


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