Wednesday, 1 August 2012

berries and a ripple

Today we went along to a farm shop and got some raspberries and strawberries for me to make into jam. You can't see the rasps in this photo as they're underneath the strawbs. :o)

I started cleaning them as soon as we got home:

And they were all clean and bagged within an hour. I forgot to take a photo of them before I put them in the freezer so here they are in said (very icy) freezer. Note to self - do something about that ice!!

I bought the "table" berries as opposed to the "jam" berries because I well remembered the wastage from last year's berry buying and didn't want a repeat of that! We went to a different shop from the one we went to last year but I still didn't want to buy their jam berries even though the assistant on the till was amazed that I'd buy "good berries just to make jam with". To me, if you want good jam, you buy the good berries - but I didn't tell her that. I thought it, but didn't say it out loud! :oD

I finished a ripple blankie last night but it was too late to take a photo so I did that this morning.

And from the other way:

I love it!

I've now started making hexagons to make another hexagon blankie. It doesn't take me too long to make each one and are easy to do as I sit in front of the telly cheering on the gold-medal-winning rowers or the gold-and-bronze-medal-winning cyclists or the silver-medal-winning swimmers at the Olympics. Go Team GB! :o)


  1. I agree with you... I'd buy "good" berries... you end up wasting more money if you "lose"some rather than use "all" the better berries, makes good sense! Cute ripple blanket. Hugs.

  2. Loved the GB canoeing gold/silver just now. How awesome was that!

    Very pretty ripple. I have a ripple that one of my grandmas made for my other grandma...both grandmas are now gone so it's a special blanket to me, especially considering that the grandma who made it wasn't really the crafty one! It's in my camper for chilly nights.

  3. I missed your last few posts and lookie what you did! Love your ripple blanket, and the strawberry jam looks SO GOOD! I haven't made jelly or jam in a couple of years. Maybe I will do that. You are inspiring me.


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