Tuesday, 21 August 2012

a lovely parcel!

Today we got a parcel all the way from Debbie and Jason in Nova Scotia, Canada. I'll let you see the other stuff from the parcel at another time because I'm far too excited by what was in said parcel for me! Fabric! Wheeeeee!!!!!

First of all there are some fat quarters:

And some cuts - LOVE the owl Christmas fabric!

And who would believe that it's easier to buy tartan fabric in Canada than it is here in my part of Scotland? Isn't that just totally ridiculous?

The top tartan is Royal Stuart, the bottom left is Black Watch and the one on the right is the Nova Scotia tartan. Makes sense for us not to be able to buy that one here but the other two should be available at my local fabric shop. I keep asking for it and they say they keep asking for it but their suppliers don't have any. I wonder if I should tell them that I managed to get some ... from CANADA!!!!


  1. Lovely fabrics to add to your stash... are the tartans 100% cotton or polycotton?? I've got some lovely dress Stewart tartan but it's polycotton, used it to make some baby stuff, still have a pile left, I had originally bought it to make bedding, many years ago, so probably vintage by now, heh heh... my clan is Stewart, that's my maiden name... a true scott eh, Heather Stewart, ooops, but that "eh" at the end of the sentence shows my adoption of the Canadian culture now, LOL! Now that your daughter is in Canada, it won't be long before you hear her using it either, LOL! Hugs.

  2. Ooooo... fabric in the mail! How exciting! And cool fabrics... even better!


  3. Seems a bit daft doesn't it, but I suppose a
    large number of Canadians have Scottish ancestry!

  4. I evidently need to be friends with Debbie & Jason. My daughter would die over the wee owls Christmas print. I'm not finding owl prints of any kind in fat quarters...and I'm only 3 hrs from Canada. You'd think they would cross the border, LOL. I also adore the Christmas print with the funky skinny trees.

  5. My fave tartan of those three is the Black Watch, but I have to save a special part of my heart for the Nova Scotia tartan because I lived there for a couple years and then three and a half in New Brunswick. I sometimes get homesick for Eastern Canada despite being a Westerner and hating to leave the mountains.


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