Monday, 20 August 2012

a crafty cuppa!

Douglas and I went out for coffee the other day and somehow I managed to persuade him to go to Very Crafty in Lower Largo. It's been the place I've spent a lot of wee bit of money in the past but I knew that if Douglas came with me, I wouldn't spend too much ... and that he would pay for it! I'm not as daft as I look! LOL

Anyway, the plan worked and this is what I came away with -

A couple of scrap bags - I love their scrap bags. I think it's because it's like getting a lucky bag (of sweets) as a child - you never know what you're going to get inside the bag but you know you're going to like it!

And some fat quarters from their reduced box.

Whilst we were having our scones and tea/coffee (sorry, forgot to take pics of those before we ate them!), I took a look through a bookcase of craft books and patterns which were being sold at sale prices in aid of charity. I picked up this one for half its original price:

Here are just a couple of the things inside the leaflet that I hope to get done some time.

Notice I'm not saying I'm going to get those done for this Christmas. I know what I'm like! :oD


  1. You will get these done for Christmas - just maybe not this particular Christmas!

    And those fabrics look so cool!

    J x

  2. You're not daft at all... you're clearly brilliant! Love those fabrics... and that book! You scored....

  3. I never get stuff made for Christmas either.....I do try though!
    But as they say...there is always next year.

  4. It's always time for Christmas crafting. You'll get them done by some Christmas or other. Love the fat quarters. I think I saw a couple of those same prints when I was fat quarter shopping recently too.


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