Thursday, 26 July 2012

tumbler table topper

I got the two sides of the tumbler table topper sewn today and made a start to the quilting. I didn't get much done as my back started to play up and I know, if I don't pay attention when my back says "stop", that I'll suffer for it the next day - and the day after that and even the day after that.

I'm making the table topper reversible and decided to quilt the pieces separately and then will put them together when I put on the binding.

This is one side - it's already been quilted horizontally. I plan to quilt it down the vertical lines as well.

And here's the other side with my hand there to give an idea of the size.

I'm liking it so far! :o)


  1. Very nice! Great idea to make it reversible... I love tumbler blocks/quilts!

  2. Very sweet... I've never made a tumbler style... perhaps one day! Hugs.


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