Saturday, 28 July 2012

tumbler table topper - all finished

I finished the tumbler tabler topper and, even though I do say so myself, it looks fab!

Here's the finishing off as it happened:

The quilting is done - one side:

The other side:

It's a shame this won't show as it'll be on the inside. I love the lines of quilting!

The binding about to be hand-sewn on the "back".

And here it is on the table - one side:

And the other side:

Yet another project made from the scrap boxes. Making it double-sided meant I used up twice as many scraps! Yay!! :o)


  1. So bright and cheerful and twice as useful since it's reversible! Congratulations on another great finish!

  2. And of course, being reversible, it can be turned over to dirty the other side before it has to be washed!!


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