Friday, 20 July 2012

some cushion covers and a surprise win

Yesterday I wrote that there were 5 or 6 cushion pads in the spare room waiting for new covers. I was mistaken. There were 10!!! So, because there were so many of them, I didn't quite achieve my plan to get them all covered today. But I did get 8 done:

They won't all stay in the livingroom because, let's face it, they become annoying as they take up all the couch space and the person wanting to sit on that couch ends up throwing them on the floor! Some of them will go upstairs to sit on the spare bed and others might even go into our bedroom but some will stay on that couch.

As for the surprise win in the title - I don't often enter giveaways and I certainly don't ever win them so, when Heather had a giveaway on her blog, I wasn't in the least surprised to find that my name was missing from the list of winners. "Oh well, never mind", says I, and posted a comment to congratulate the winners. Imagine my surprise a week later to find that, because none of the winners had e-mailed their details to Heather, she decided to give the prizes to the people who had congratulated the original winners. Wow! I was - am - a winner.

My parcel arrived yesterday and this is what was in it. Am I lucky or what?

I e-mailed Heather yesterday to thank her for my parcel of fabric - and the sweeties! Yum!! Thanks again, Heather. I really appreciate your generosity! :o)

I wonder if this is the start of a lucky streak? Maybe I should go and buy a lottery ticket!


  1. Congratulations on your "win"... it's great to see a thoroughly nice person win out!

    Love your cushion covers! "Only eight" made, huh? I'd be thrilled to get that many finished!

  2. The cushions are gorgeous! And I'm now DESPERATE for a Werthers, haven't had one for far, far too long xx

  3. Anne... you are so welcome... I always say, we are rewarded for our kindness, so you took the time to congratulate the winners and it paid off, too too many people don't take the time to say a kind word when it comes to giveaways, seems to me like they are only after the prize, and I honestly appreciate my dear readers who truly come to see me because of me! Thank you. Double hugs.


Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blethers. I really appreciate it. I do try to reply to everyone but sometimes life just gets in the way of that happening! :o)