Thursday, 5 July 2012

the last of the FW blocks & the start of the next bit

I finally managed to get the photos uploaded to my Photobucket so here are the last FW blocks.

Hovering hawks:

Wild rose and square:


I don't know if you remember the block called Homemaker which would not sit properly - no matter how much I pressed it.

Well, I took the iron to it again today and it still wouldn't behave so it got tossed into the "do something with this someday" pile and I made another block to take its place.

Bat wing:

I'm going to quilt each block separately and then join them with the sashing so I needed 64 squares for the back. I decided to use a thrifted single duvet cover (which cost me all of £1.50!!) for the back of the quilt. I only managed to get 54 blocks out of one side of the duvet:

So the other 10 had to come from the other side which is slightly different. I deliberately chose bits that were really different from the other 54 - if you're going to be different, then be *different*! So there are 10 like this:

Then I cut my 64 pieces of wadding/batting:

I then started pinning them all together.

I've now got about 30 blocks pinned (I ran out of safety pins!) and have made a start to quilting them. I'll take photos of that tomorrow. Things are moving along nicely.


  1. You're making great progress! And those Y-seams are tough!

  2. I love the colors of your last 4 blocks. Can't wait to see it all come together.


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