Sunday, 22 July 2012

last 2 cushions and a tidy up

I finished off the last 2 cushion covers yesterday. These 2 couldn't be made in the envelope style as the other 8 had been as, although I had enough material to cover them, it wasn't in a single piece. So I made zipped covers for these two.

After I'd finished those, I decided to do something with the crate of scraps which were "too big to throw out but not really big enough to make anything substantial with". I went through the fabrics, rolled them up, tied them with elastic bands and put them all into a cardboard box.

I've told myself that I've to go through that box in a year's time and throw out anything that I haven't used by then - but I really don't think that will happen. I know myself well! :oD

Editing to say that "throw out" is not the correct phrasing. I should have written "I've to go through that box in a year's time, take a look at it all, admire it all and put the box back on the shelf". Yep, that's definitely more likely to happen! LOL


  1. OMG... "throw out"... what the heck does that mean? But I think they are dirty words... didn't your mother teach you never to say bad words, LOL. Hugs.

  2. Agreeing with Heather..."throw out" is a bad word. Shame shame, Anne ;-) I like your idea of rolling the bits and securing them with a rubber band. THAT was a good idea. We all know you have a use for every bit you touched today ;-)

  3. "Throw out" could mean "passing the fabrics on to someone else".... but it's oh so difficult to dispense with fabric that you just might need some day, says the lady with fabric she's held onto for 30+ yrs... *lol*


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