Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Happy 4th of July!

I had a blog post planned showing the final 4 FW blocks and the start of me getting them ready for quilting but, for some reason, I can't get the photos to upload into my Photobucket account. I suspect it's not PB's fault but, rather, the fault of the (pathetic) upload speed that my internet provider is providing me with. I've tried for the last hour to load them up and it's not happening so I'm giving up for now. I'll just try again tomorrow.

In the meantime, for all my friends in the US:

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  1. Ah, the internet... hard to live with sometimes but can't live without it!

    Thanks for the good wishes for July 4th! Woke up with my elder granddaughter crawling in bed with me... it was a good day!


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