Wednesday, 11 July 2012

FW quilt - vertical sashings done

I had a good day of sewing today and managed to get all the vertical sashings on the rows of the FW quilt. Here's the first row which I did in full before I started the others so I could remind myself how to do it.

Notice the notebook where I took copious notes of what I was doing so, the next time I use this method, I won't have to work it out from scratch again!

Here are the other 7 rows waiting to be sewn.

And here they are all sewn and back on the table in their piles waiting for the start of the horizontal sashing.

Here's how much thread was left on the reel after doing all that stitching:

I do have plenty more thread!

And now for a mystery. I don't know what this dark mark is.

It looks like oil but it can't be oil as my machine doesn't need oil and therefore doesn't get oiled. (How many "oils" can you get in one sentence! LOL) Whatever it is, I'm hoping that it will come out in the wash!


  1. Looking good... and a very good idea to take notes for future reference!

    It's surprising how smudges get onto fabrics, even if you're careful and wash your hands before working with them... I'm sure it will come out in the wash.

    *fingers crossed*

  2. I once got a small splash of pasta sauce on a white quilt - I couldn't get the mark out completely, so I went over and over it with a white marking pencil, which covered it up.


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