Monday, 9 July 2012

FW blocks trimmed and ready to sash

I had a busy day today trimming all the FW blocks and then cutting all the horizontal and vertical sashings for the top and bottom of the quilt and the bindings for the edges.

Here are the blocks all trimmed. Quite a few of them were a bit short of the 6½" square they were meant to be! Thank goodness that the sashings will cover those gaps!

And the bits I trimmed off:

Next I laid them on our bed on top of a piece of white fabric to decide on a layout. I used white because the sashings are going to be white so I wanted to see how the blocks would look with white between them.

Then I set to and cut out the sashings and bindings.

It's just occurred to me by looking at that photo that I haven't cut any green for the horizontal sashings on the back. I hope I have enough of the green left! Aaaaargh!


  1. That is stunning! Really looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!

  2. Your squares look so pretty all laid out there. I'll be watching for the big finish!

  3. Love it...can't wait to see it all finished :-)

  4. I'm glad that some of your blocks were undersized, as several of mine are too ..... not that I have done that many, as doing all the sample-sewing for Anne got in the way. It looks fabulous - I'm looking forward to seeing it put together!


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