Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Farmer's Wife quilt - it's a wrap!

At last, here's the final unveiling of the Farmer's Wife Quilt.

Here it is with the vertical and horizontal sashings all sewn down:

Next I straightened up the outer edges:

Then I sewed on the binding.

I actually sewed it on twice as, for some reason - human stupidity - the needle on my sewing machine hadn't been nudged over far enough to the right and, instead of sewing a 1/4" seam, it sewed a 3/8" seam which meant the binding wouldn't go up and over and sew down where I wanted it to on the back. So, that all had to get unpicked and re-sewn properly! *sigh*

Next I pinned the binding down on the back through from the front as I wanted to machine-stitch it down rather than hand-stitch it like I usually do.

Next the label got printed out and hand-sewn on to the back:

Then Douglas obliged me by standing on the bedroom chair and photographed the quilt on our bed. (I didn't realise I was in the photo or I'd have stood back a wee bit!)

And here's the back - aargh, there's my foot in this photo too!

I made no attempt at putting the "odd" backing squares in any specific order. I must admit, that worried me a wee bit as I'm usually desperate to have some sort of logic to the patterning but this time I just went with the flow and I have to say I really like the back. I love how the quilting of the blocks shows up so well on the back.

Finally, here's where the quilt is for now - over the back of one of the couches in our livingroom. It's over the one I don't sit on so that I can admire it from my couch.

I know I say this about most of the things I make but I really do LOVE this. It's not always been an easy make but it's been well worth all the effort.

I just want to know one thing - if I only used scraps for this quilt, how come the scrap boxes aren't any less full than they were when I started???

Quilt details:
I used 64 of the blocks in the book "The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt" in an 8 x 8 straight formation - ie not on point like they are in the quilt in the book. It measures approximately 52" square.


  1. Anne - Your FW quilt is beautiful! No wonder you want it some place where you can enjoy it...

    Congratulations on a spectacular finish!!!

  2. I love it! I really love how the quilting shows on the back, too. You can have it on your couch with the front facing out one day, then turn it over so the back shows the next day. The back really is that pretty, too :-)

  3. Anne, this is a wonderful quilt and you have been intrepid in making it. I thought the back looked fabulous even before I read your own commentary on it, and I'm pleased you're happy with how the random patterning of the stitching appears. Congratulations. And as for the scrap box conundrum, the secret is that scrap boxed fill up from the bottom for some strange reason - well, according to me that's the secret. ;-)

  4. It's wonderful. I should sit and admire it all day if I were you. I love the label you've put on it too, generations to come will know who made the quilt and when.

  5. Very beautiful!!! You certainly have a lot of patience to do projects like that.

  6. Wow! it's a beautiful quilt, I bet you're really chuffed with it. That's a good method, to quilt as you go. It saves a lot of "agro" at the end!

  7. Wow, what an achievement, you must be really pleased with your finished quilt. I am only on block 26, but determined to keep going.

  8. Anne what a great job... so colourful! I definitely have to get more blocks made and get mine finished...looks like you did 64 blocks?? I won't make one big quilt either, probably a few smaller ones, just because I like to see progress and don't want to quilt anything queen size right now. Fantastic work. Hugs.


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