Tuesday, 19 June 2012

wee and round

So, what did I want all that tartan bias binding for? Well, I wanted to make some wee and round oven gloves like this one:

I originally showed that glove in this post.

I'd made the Royal Stuart tartan bias binding last week and I made some Dress Stuart tartan bias binding on Saturday morning. It's a-ma-zing how much bias binding you can get out of a 22½" square! 9.30m - that's more than 10 yards. Wow!

So, that was me ready to get on with the oven gloves. Here's the Dress Stuart tartan one all done:

And here's the Royal Stuart tartan one done except for the hanger and label.

I've now made 2 with each tartan to match the pinnies I made earlier this month. Douglas took a photo with them all together: (I don't know why he put 2 of the oven gloves upside down. He *says* it was deliberate. Mmmmm)

Now I just need to get my act together and get them wrapped and sent to Debbie in Canada.

I've taken photos so I can do a tutorial for these gloves. Hopefully I'll get that done soon. :o)


  1. Very cool!

    Psst... he wanted to show off your neat labels!


  2. Beautiful! Debbie's going to love them!

  3. I will be waiting by the post box. :)

  4. I'm supposed to be making oven gloves and pot holders for Stuart for his new kitchen ..... this pattern does both!!


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