Wednesday, 27 June 2012

skirts for Joanna

I made a couple of skirts for Joanna today. The first one is a red lineny type fabric. It's not actually linen but it's a cotton made to look like linen. It doesn't look very good hanging on the hanger but I'm sure it'll look much better hanging on Jo's body!

The other skirt I made is a lot of fun. I found myself smiling as I made it just because the birds look so daft! This is the front - those birds *almost* match up at the pockets and the top. :oD

And this is the back:

The pattern is New Look 6106 which I used for her Russian dolly skirt as shown here. It's meant to have a zip at the centre back but I didn't want the birds to be cut apart so I cut the back on the fold and put the zip in the side seam. Don't you just love it? I do! :o)

I've just realised that I've made another skirt in that pattern too but, for some reason, I don't have photos of it. Joanna - can you please take photos of your spotty skirt so I can put it on here? Fanx!

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  1. I love these skirts - thanks, mama!

    I also need to take a picture of the blue skirt so will do that one and the spotty one soon!


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