Wednesday, 6 June 2012

skirts and stuff

First of all a catch up on a skirt I made a few weeks ago for Joanna but forgot to take a photo of before I gave it to her. It was made using this pattern -

It's in navy blue poly viscose. I'll try and get a photo of it so I can keep my pages updated with what I've made this year.

Next I made myself as skirt at the weekend using this pattern:

I was really pleased with the skirt but am not showing it here in its finished state because this is how it looks right now.

I unpicked the side seams because the skirt is TOO BIG for me! Isn't that great? I am so pleased! It'll only take me a wee while to sew it back together - in a SMALLER SIZE!!! Yipppeeeeeee!! :oD

Now when that pattern was bought, Joanna and I both liked it so we agreed to only buy one version of it for both of us. I made the skirt for Joanna (in a much smaller size to my one!) in the Russian dolly material that has made a few appearances in the last couple of quilts I've made. She hasn't seen it yet but I think she's going to LOVE it!

And a close up of the dollies showing how well they match up at the pockets. I am so chuffed with this one too!

And, finally, I got a tooth out this morning. Want to know how many attempts the dentist took to get it out? 4 with him sitting down, 2 with him standing up before he gave up and drilled the tooth into 3 bits and hauled each piece out separately. To say I was traumatised is an understatement. So, this afternoon, there was no way I was going upstairs to the sewing room to do anything so I sat on the couch and did some crocheting, some Kindle reading, some snoozing and some French Open Tennis watching.

As you can see, I had company on the couch. My mouth is quite sore right now but I'll take some painkillers before I go to bed so that, hopefully, I'll manage to get a good night's sleep.


  1. I do love the skirt - it's fab! You're a genius!

    Hope you're feeling better soon. That does sound painful. Eek!

    J :)

  2. Hope your mouth heals quickly. That sounds like no fun at all! Good thing you have a "therapy dog" to aid your recovery ;-)


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