Thursday, 28 June 2012

remnants and a couple of FW blocks

Every Thursday, I take my mum to her hairdresser's appointment. Whilst she's there, I nip into the local department store where I have a rummage in their remnant boxes. I was quite pleased with my finds today - a hanger of small curtain samples and a piece of fabric with bags on it. I think I might put them together to make a bag of some sort. :o)

Here's the bag fabric in more detail. It really needs a good iron but isn't it cool?

I also spotted a roll of ribbon with wee girls on it so I bought a couple of metres of that too. The total came to less than £5 - not too shabby!

This afternoon, rather than start a big project, I set to and made another couple of Farmer's Wife blocks.

Buzzard's Roost:

And Cats and Mice

I don't remember how many I've still got to make but I'll get there some time. :o)

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  1. Ooh - like the little girl ribbon. Might have to steal that the next time I'm round!


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