Sunday, 3 June 2012

quilt and wee bag - all finished

Today I was going to post the photos of the wee bag I made for my cousin's wee girl - the same cousin who's getting married and I made a quilt for - when I realised I hadn't shown the photos of the completed quilt. So I'll do that now as well. Apologies for the photo-heavy post.

Here's the quilt:

And close-ups of some of my favourite squares:

Cowboy bits, bright harlequin diamonds, blue planes and spots:

Silly cats, flowers and more spots:

Snails, music notes and spots: (and I just noticed the thread that always seems to find its way into the photos somewhere! LOL)

Russian dollies, frogs and spots:

Wellies, cupcakes and fuchsias ... and spots:

Ice lollies, scotty dogs, bones and more spots:

Fish, hearts, shells and more spots:

More tartan - the bride is Scottish after all! - and even more spots. And you can see the stripey binding in this photo too:

And now on to the wee bag I made for their wee girl.

The squares all sewn together, pinned and ready for quilting:


All sewn up with handles attached - first side:

Other side:

The pink bottom:

And the inside:

And here are the quilt and the wee bag together on the spare bed trying to not get too creased before I hand them over.

I am so chuffed with the way both of these turned out. I might even have to make myself a slightly bigger version of the wee bag! :oD


  1. Gorgeous! And I wouldn't have noticed the thread if you hadn't mentioned it!

    B x

  2. Wow...your quilt is gorgeous! I love the Russian doll squares. I think they're my favorite of the ones you showed. The bag is really cute and so well-made. You did a great job on both of these!


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