Thursday, 21 June 2012

longest day ... of rain!!

Here's today's sunrise/sunset screenshot:

We've gained one minute of dawn/dusk since Monday. Wheeeee! :oD

I wonder how much we'll lose between today and tomorrow - 1 minute maybe? Or will it stay the same? We'll need to wait until tomorrow to find that out.

I wanted to show off this as well.

It's easily seen from that how Scotland gets so much daylight in the summer.

Wait, what am I saying? Summer? Really? How's your weather looking today, Anne? Aaaaargh!!

Just to keep the system going, here are today's figures for dawn/dusk and sunrise/sunset.:

dawn to dusk = 19 hours and 46 minutes (1 minutes more than Monday)

sunrise to sunset = 17 hours and 39 minutes (0 minutes more than Monday)

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